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Financial Performance

Education at Deepthi is free for all students. As most students utilize the facility of lodging, the accommodation and food are also given free of cost. Since most students come from financially troubled families, most of the times they are unable to pay for the services. Hence it is a major task – at times, a painful struggle -- for the school to raise funds for all the capital and recurring expenses. The school survives on the donations from benefactors, sponsors and well wishers.

Needs for Support
Deepthi has been in dire need of augmenting the infrastructure to enhance the quantity and quality of services offered. There are many more children in need of special care and education. The infrastructural facilities such as the class rooms, recreational areas, kitchen, residential space, and staff facilities need substantial expansion to accommodate more students. The construction of a new building was launched recently for these requirements; the ground floor of which is almost halfway through, with the structure already in place. The kitchen, dining room, physiotherapy, speech therapy multi-sensory room and other support facilities are located on the ground floor.

For every special school, for the mentally challenged students, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy are critical requirements. Therapy being an important aspect and important in their growth process, it is inevitable and integral in the training and education activities of the mentally challenged children.

At Deepthi, nearly 15 mentally challenged children undergo physiotherapy while speech therapy benefits about 35 students. Though limited by space, equipment and facilities, the specialists render the therapeutic services to the students. The new construction has a provision for these facilities as an area of 981 square feet has been earmarked for conducting these activities.

It has been observed generally that there are fewer girls than boys among the mentally challenged children. Deepthi has the same proportion too, with 27 girls and 45 boys, adding to a total just an over seventy students. Our students come from poor families and from remote and inaccessible areas with grossly inadequate transportation facilities. Therefore it is impossible for the children to commute daily between home and school.

Also, a boarding school offers better opportunities than day care schools in education, training and development of the mentally challenged children. At a boarding school, children are more likely to attend all classes, be punctual, and engage in several extra-curricular activities for effective socialization and growth. The boarding school induces an overall sense of order and discipline in the life and activities of such children.

The boarding facility is therefore a basic necessity, particularly for the girl students. In the new construction, a boarding facility for girls is proposed, with an area of 2480 square feet.


Deepthi school is located in a 2.5 acre campus, near the boat jetty in Muhamma. Backwaters embrace the land, with an explicit manifestation of the pristine beauty of God’s own country. A rehabilitation facility for the senior boys is being established by the lakeside.

We propose to create a park for the children near the backwaters. The land, presently, is marshy, bushy, requiring substantial clearing and development. We aspire to develop the land and build a park for the children so that they can relax, enjoy and refresh their minds and revive their spirits. Fencing around the park is in the plan for the safety of the children.

Deepthi Special School, with over seventy students, has no regular income. Serving as many special children as can be accommodated, within the restrained resources; Deepthi has major financial requirements for food, salaries, clothing, rehabilitation, sports, medical treatment, and other daily needs


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